Aside from a brief stint as a line cook, I’ve been working in the publishing industry my entire adult life. I started out at Rizzoli International Publications as an editorial assistant, helping the cookbook editor and then the art book editor acquire and develop the luscious illustrated books the house is known for. After Rizzoli, I worked on adult trade books at HarperCollins, then got a job as a production editor at Routledge. In 2000 I took the plunge and started my own editing and project management company.

I’ve published six cookbooks of my own, plus an expanded edition of one of them.

Most of the books I’ve worked on recently as an editor at various levels have been cookbooks, adult and YA fiction (including quite a lot of SFF), and scholarly nonfiction focusing on criminal and social justice issues. I also take on recipe-testing and recipe-development projects, as well as a limited number of ghostwriting jobs.

I write occasional recipe features for EatingWell magazine.

My family and I recently moved up the Monongahela River from West Virginia to Pittsburgh. You can check out my old blog at Pie and Beer, and find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The locally made Palmer 1000 in action.